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What Goes Into Expedited Transport?

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Life goes by quickly sometimes. Especially if you’re in the middle of a big project like a move, time can slip away from you before you even know it. For times like this, we created our expedited car shipping service to save you as much time as possible on your car shipment. With expedited transport, you can get your car fast, so you don’t have to upend your life. However, you may wonder: how do we accomplish expedited transport? In this article, we’ll explain the process and how it gets you your car in no time.

How many vehicles do we need to ship?

When a customer asks us about our expedited service, we have to ask them a few clarifying questions. Firstly, we’ll ask how many vehicles they need to ship. This helps us determine if we need to find a large carrier specifically for this load, or if we just need to find space on a carrier for one or two vehicles. Obviously, the former would increase the cost of their transport. Both methods are quite fast, though.

What kind of transport do you want?

The great thing about our expedited transport service is that we can still provide you with options for your transport. Here, the usual rules for car transport apply. Want to save some money on your shipment? Open transport is the way to go. Want to ensure the complete safety of your vehicles? Then choose enclosed transport. For both of these types of car shipments, we can find the space on a carrier for your car or cars that will satisfy your needs.

How expedited is this transport, really?

Finally, we ask them how soon they need their vehicle. This impacts all areas of this kind of transport. If you call us a few weeks in advance and ask for expedited shipping on a certain day, then we’ll have no trouble completing your order. We’ll have plenty of time to schedule and plan for your transport. On the other hand, if you ask us to have your vehicle at your destination by tomorrow morning, we might not be able to complete your order. And even if we are, your costs will go up dramatically. When we have the time to handle the logistics of your order, we can take measures to reduce the cost to you. Without that time, your expedited shipment may break the bank.

All of these factors alter how we approach the scheduling and execution of an expedited shipment. We take in all of this information and find the right carrier for your needs. So when you need your car shipped ASAP, trust the pros at Las Vegas Car Transport to handle it without a hitch!

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