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Updates in the Case of Tupac Shakur’s Murder

You are currently viewing Updates in the Case of Tupac Shakur’s Murder
To this day, many mourn the loss of Tupac.
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Back in 1996, a historic murder happened in Las Vegas, the fatal shooting of beloved hip-hop/rap legend Tupac Shakur. The case has been unsolved for years since, with countless theories coming out from all over. Some are quite plausible with substantial evidence, while others are entirely falsified, based solely on conspiracies. However, in recent months a new suspect has appeared in the police’s investigation, and he has been arrested, now set to face trial. This man is Duane “Keffe D” Davis.

Davis, a now 60-year-old man, originally grew up in Compton, California, but eventually moved and resided in Henderson, Nevada earlier this year. Davis is a known gang leader in his hometown of Compton and was known in the investigation previously as a known witness and possible suspect. With recent developments though, he was arrested on September 29th as the new leading suspect.

Davis was confirmed to have been in the car in which the fatal shots were fired from.

Anytime Davis was mentioned as a possible suspect in the murder, he was never suspected of being the shooter. They were unable to place his role exactly in the case. However, in 2019 when he wrote and published his tell-all memoir, Compton Street Legend, he opened up about his role as a leader of the Crips gang and admitted to supplying the gun that fired the shots. After this information came out, Las Vegas police reopened the case and began further investigating Davis. Their investigation led them to the theory that he ordered to killing, which led to his arrest.

Thus far, Davis has made one court appearance on October 4th.

At the time, his only legal support was his longtime, personal lawyer, Edi Faal. Davis is now being represented by Ross Goodman, a criminal defense attorney who has represented many other high profile clients in high profile cases. He is also the son of former Vegas mayor, Oscar Goodman, and current Vegas mayor, Carolyn Goodman. The Goodman’s have made names for themselves in the legal world for often representing clients connected to the mob, and even actual mob figures themselves.

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