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Unvaccinated People Explain Decisions to Shun Shots

You are currently viewing Unvaccinated People Explain Decisions to Shun Shots
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Unvaccinated people say they have been warning, ridiculing, cajoling, inducing, even threatening, moreover in some cases, yet they still hold out against receiving the COVID-19 vaccine in a Southwest state. Moreover, they have heard the public health announcements. Then ignored these incentive programs. In fact, some have protested against vaccine mandates.

Unvaccinated: Protesting Vaccine Mandates

Ignoring the incentive programs, they have heard the public health announcements are protesting against vaccine mandates.

These people are considering Nevada’s calculated unvaccinated. In fact, their reasons for shunning the shot are almost as varied as the Corona Virus itself. In fact, some are concerned about long-term side effects. Others say vaccine mandates do unlawfully infringe on their constitutional rights. Or that Americans are part of an evil government plot. Moreover, others don’t think the vaccines work. Moreover, they don’t believe they will make them sicker than the disease would.

President Joe Biden is Putting the Smack Down on the American Public to get “Vaccinated”

Moreover, there are those who do see signs of a government plot in the drive to inoculate more members of the public. This is a reality, not a mere “government plan.” It’s in plain sight and very obvious.

As of Friday, 62.97 percent of Nevadans 12 and older had received at least one vaccination shot against COVID-19, about 10 points below the national average.

Unvaccinated: Nevadan Speak out Against COVID-19 Vaccinations

A car repossessor in Las Vegas, Brooks Slater, the accelerated trails before federal approval of three COVID-19 vaccines on an emergency basis is the deal-breaker.

“I will use them as my test dummies, I know multiple people are getting the vaccine,” he said.

Five Years Down the Road for the Jab

In fact, he does not rule out getting a shot but says it’s not going to happen for at least five years.

In fact, I’ll see how it affects people in three, four, five years,” he said. “Moreover, if they start growing the 11th toe or have another head growing out of their neck, I will know that it’s not safe to take.”

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