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Supply Chain Issues Extend Beyond West Coast Ports

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The supply chain crunch is making it really hard. That is to get some of the items needed in the Western U.S. state. Moreover, the West coast parts are, in fact, broadening their hours. Yet the local experts in the trucking industry have said it will more than likely take more. That is to feel any improvements locally.

Supply Chain: There are Various Reasons why Products are not on the Shelves

“Moreover, there’s a lot of times, the grocery stores, in fact, don’t have the product on the shelves which is true. That is either a manufacturing issue, an import issue or maybe it’s a transportation issue,” said Paul Truman. He is the president of Truline Corporation.

Leaders like Truman, in the Nevada trucking industry, said there was one important issue. This involves the transportation of goods is the labor shortage.

People Involved in Getting Freight Out

“Then, once you get that container off a ship, next onto a crane. It would then put it onto a truck or a train. Therefore, you do also need people on the receiving end. It would be able to take that freight to unload it,” Paul Enos with the Nevada Trucking Association said.

In fact, Enos and Truman said they fear the labor shortage is going to worsen in Nevada. That will be when the federal vaccine mandate goes (unfortunately) into place.

“Moreover, everyone is now competing for labor right now,” Truman said.

The mandate is going to require businesses of more than 100 employees who will be vaccinated. Last month, it was introducing by President Joe Biden. This is a terrible mandate! It’s destructive in every sense of the word! However, there are businesses that are still waiting for federal regulations.

There will be a big impact on the trucking industry across the U.S., Enos said.

Kid’s Play

“The potential impact if this vaccine mandate goes through for truck drivers is bad if it goes into place,” Enos said. “In fact, we are seeing at the ports is going to look like kids’ play.”

Ten percent of drivers across the industry could be lost, Enos said.

Truman did share a correlating concern. He said at his company it could actually mean nearly half of his staff could leave.

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