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Schools All Over Clark County Look To Give Teachers Panic Devices

You are currently viewing Schools All Over Clark County Look To Give Teachers Panic Devices
After the violent events of the past, Clark County plans to give teachers electronic panic-buttons to increase security around the children.
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In the Clark County School District, teachers are going to be given Bluetooth-connected panic buttons in order to boost security after numerous violent acts occurring. School shooting aside, there are plenty of other scenarios in which faculty, staff and students alike may very well be under a viable threat.

For the sake of added protection, teachers will be given panic devices and a sense of calm althroughout Clark County. This comes in the form of upgraded security cameras.

Threats are everywhere, including Clark County schools.

This includes circumstances where a teacher had been left unconscious in her classroom after an attack. The Clark County School District is updating their security cameras for the means of increasing police presence on school campuses. In another instance, for example, a 16-year-old student was charged with sexual assault and attempted murder after an incident the week before.

Lately, there has been much frustration as the schools reopened, that violence have increased in the school district. Clark County is the fifth-largest school district in the United States. This includes about 336 campuses, 18,000 teachers and 300,000 students.

Brigid Duffy, juvenile division director of the county District Attorney’s Office, says that “We have seen not an increase of calls, but an increase of the violence, a lack of empathy, and a lack of respect to our adult authority.”

Additionally, Education Association President Marie Neisess says, “This cannot wait one more day. We must act now.”

Aggression on all levels is totally uncalled for at schools. The institution is entirely meant to educate the young people of tomorrow towards making literally educated guesses on how to navigate through life. It’s imperative to protect the leaders of tomorrow. And by endangering those individuals there’s a greater threat involved of making a negative impact on easily impressionable individuals. Young or not, it’s no way to remember your days with any act of selfish violence taking place of civil discourse.

Of course, this could also be likely a result of how ridiculous the current education system is, with the lesson plans literally making kids go stir-crazy. Maybe better encouragement from the entirety of educators may very well be the answer we need in order to better create an environment more enriching for students all around Clark County. Let it be known, in any case, that violence should never be what resolves disagreements. Never ever, in any institution where inclusivity and tolerance may prevail.

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