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Prevent Heat Damage to Your Vehicle This Summer

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Before your road trip to the Valley of Fire, heed these tips!
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This may come as news to some, but Las Vegas is hot. It’s especially hot during the summer months, when temperatures can climb well above 100 degrees for days at a time. And, even though it may seem too early to talk about it, summer is just around the corner, folks! With Daylight Saving Time coming this weekend, it’s coming to the time of year when it really starts to heat up in Las Vegas. This means you’ll need to start stocking up on sunscreen, but it also means thinking about how to prevent heat damage to your vehicle.

Yes, even today’s sturdy cars and trucks can struggle under the Nevada sun. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t help your vehicle thrive! Here are our tips that can help you keep your ride in great shape in the heat:

Park Out of Direct Sun

Yeah, this one is a no-brainer. But parking in the shade makes a huge difference in the summer. Even though it’ll be hot everywhere in the summer months, keeping your car out of the direct sun will keep it around 20 degrees cooler than it would be otherwise. This can mean the difference between a nice, smooth dashboard and a cracked one.

Wash, Dry, and Wax

Las Vegans are no strangers to dust and dirt in the summer heat. These little particles can be catastrophic for your vehicle’s paint, as they create tiny scratches that can really add up over time. So make sure to wash your car regularly. This can help prevent some of the summer’s worst damage. Waxing also helps significantly, as it helps prevent scratching as well as UV damage.

Prevent Heat Damage to Your Tires

Your tires can really take a beating in the heat. Your tire pressure will likely fluctuate significantly throughout the hottest months of the year, and poor pressure can cause poor gas mileage, an overworked engine, or blowouts. So check your tire pressure regularly, and try to do it before the times of day when you’re most likely to drive. You won’t get a blowout while sitting in a parking lot, we promise.

Enclosed Transport Prevents All Heat Damage!

If you need to ship your car during the summer months, you should consider enclosed transport. This service prevents any damage from direct sunlight or anything else from getting to your vehicle. It’ll keep it cool, keep its paint job clean, and it will keep your tires in great condition because they aren’t being used! In the summer heat, the best way to prevent damage to your car is to not use it at all. So, if you need your car to cover a lot of distance, ship it with Las Vegas Car Transport!

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