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Porsche is Investing in an Israeli Startup to Give Fans a Greater Race Thrill

You are currently viewing Porsche is Investing in an Israeli Startup to Give Fans a Greater Race Thrill
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Porsche has a venture capital arm that has acquired a minority stake in an Israel startup Griiip. This startup is a developer of cloud-based software. It provides racecar data in real-time to fans, drivers, and team players. Therefore, they can get a feel of what’s going on inside the cars and compare performances.

Porsche and Griiip

Founded in 2015 by Tamir Plachinsky and Gil Zakay in Petah Tikva, the startup is seeking to make motorsports more accessible. It will provide new and innovative ways for racing organizations, leagues, franchises, and car manufacturers to engage with fans.

Motorsports Ecosystem

The “motorsports ecosystem has barely changed in decades,” the Israel company has said in a statement when announcing the investment. Moreover, data and technologies are being adopting by the sports industry. Stepping into this void is Griiip.

Porsche: Digital Media Software

Racing Media Platform or RAMP is the startup’s personalizing digital media software. It targets younger audiences. They seek a more immersive and personalized viewing experience via digital mediums, the company said.

AI Technology

This solution is making racing vehicles smart and connected. It uses AI technology and analytics to give fans insights into the races. Moreover, the software gives viewers direct access to raw data from the vehicle’s electronic units through a hardware “Red Box” developed by the Israeli firm. It extracts the data from the cars during the race. Then processes it into data-driven real-time information.

Once this data is used to create content that can be personalize to each viewer’s interests, moreover visualizing in charts in real-time, so they, in fact, can better understand the racing story. Then get a more immersive picture of the competition with deep data analysis. It shows the performance profiles of every driver on the track.

In fact, the software can offer data on the driver stress levels, vehicles’ battery status and tire pressure, and can predict the car’s lap times.

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