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Polestar Stirs The Pot With Tesla And Volkswagen

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Polestar knows who they are after a bizarre Super Bowl Commercial they aired. It makes fun of Volkswagen and Tesla, fellow EV carmakers.
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Polestar is certainly becoming one of the loudest competitors against Tesla. They have made their point yet again in a new Super Bowl ad that aired on Sunday. Polestar took their opportunity to advertise by saying all of the things that they aren’t. Tesla and Volkswagen themselves have been both the subjects of much ridicule. This would signify that Volkswagen has dealt with its own issues with Dieselgate.

Watch out, Mike Myers and Anna Kendrick! The Polestar ad apparently was the game’s most popular ad.

When you notice folks in the United Kingdom, they are more than desperate for the latest and the greatest news in the car industry. This has a lot to do with the United Kingdom’s history in carmaking. Polestar is not a British company, but it does have a chance of expanding to the Midlands.

The Midlands facility at Nuneaton employs about 280 staff members and utilizes the tech on the production platform for the Polestar 5 easily, as it is the brand’s premier model to use proprietary tech.

The United Kingdom has a new center entirely because of the core engineers being alumni of Lotus, Aston Martin, and McLaren. This is according to chief executive Jonathan Goodman. The investment is expected to reach tens of millions. This could very well be a boon for the United Kingdom. To say that Polestar is ahead of the curb is to say that Volkswagen and Tesla have so much more catching up to do than they could possibly realize.

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