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Open Car Transport

Founded in 1906, Las Vegas was originally created with the intent of connecting the city to the country’s main rail networks. It has since grown significantly, from a transportation depot to the entertainment capital of the United States. It would soon become prominent for its world-renowned hotels, filled with fun for everyone. At one point, it was famously coined “the city of second chances.” Because if you could make a killing playing cards or slots, your only competition would be the Mafia. Vegas is the only place where you can make a billion and leave wanting more. So why not fill that need with our expert open car transport services?

Open Car Transport is Best With LVCT!

We like to believe that shipping vehicles on our open-trailers is the number one way to send any standard car, truck or van to a new home in the United States. It’s certainly the most cost-efficient. That’s because we minimize pickup to one location only, to help our drivers hit the road with as many as ten vehicles on a load. You can trust that we’ll keep your car secure with our chains, restraints and locks all the way through. Combine that with excellent rates and there’s no beating us. Not to mention our insurance policies are second to none. We send your ride on speedy delivery and you get to come home to your beloved car in your driveway after making a fortune out on the Las Vegas strip.

What sets us apart from the average shipping company? Well, we’re full of connections. From Atlantic City to Reno, Nevada. Henderson to Kansas City. And anywhere else you can dream of? Our truckers have no problem hightailing it to ensure your vehicles make it on time to the preferred destination. That’s standard practice for us. On top of that, we do everything we can to give your car the proper inspection and handle it with care. It’s the least we can do as a thanks for letting us take it on the road. Just make sure you clear the car of any valuables. You know what they say; what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

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