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Nevada Race Will Be The Make-Or-Break For Senate Midterms

You are currently viewing Nevada Race Will Be The Make-Or-Break For Senate Midterms
The Senate Race will be held in the balance thanks to the state of Nevada.
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There’s less than four weeks remaining until November 8th. In which case, there’s major competition. It’s a toss-up between Democratic Senator Catherine Cortez Masto and Republican challenger Adam Laxalt. This individual race is certainly going to be one for the books. In Nevada. The Senate is truly entering a battleground. There’s a likelihood that no debate is occurring. Laxalt is looking to debate Masto but the huge likelihood of it occurring. The campaign of each side has been well-assured that it had become the fault of each other’s. While Senator Laxalt had been excited about it, it would turn out Senator Catherine Cortez Masto is not so interested. So if that’s the case, it will leave voters in Nevada left with a difficult means of deciding who’s better to vote for.

Laxalt is convinced that Masto was to blame. Masto believes that in reverse. This is all a chaotic means. The latest dispatches from Masto and Laxalt show other things in the meantime that they are actually excited for.

Meanwhile… With Catherine Cortez Masto.

Masto herself is excited to announce a $1 Million in grant funding for Nevada Law Enforcement. it had to do with about $1,294,662 heading towards the state of Nevada for law enforcement via the Department of Justice’s Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS Office). The funding really cares about public safety throughout the schools all around the state.

Funds, as they are, will be distributed by sending $75,000 to send to six new police officers for Clark County School District. Essentially, there’s also $485,263 sent to the Elko County School District for prevention of school violence to improve security on school grounds. $59,399 for the Nevada System of Higher Education to develop the capacity of law enforcement to implement community policing.

This has long been a stance that Senator Cortez Masto has been supporting in Nevada law enforcement.

Meanwhile… With Adam Laxalt.

It’s not worth talking about what Adam’s been up to, because it would just be more of the same thing that Masto is up to. Everything that he talks about is essentially a smear piece against Masto. Laxalt himself came from Georgetown University and used to serve in the armed forces as a former Naval Officer and Iraq Veteran. Laxalt then became the 33rd Attorney General. Therefore, at that time, he was the youngest one in the country. His big priority was pursuing justice for victims of sexual assault.

Why is this race such a big deal?

The outcome of this Nevada race is going to show who holds the balance of power in the Senate for the next two years. Arizona Senate candidates have already met, Georgian Senate candidates faced each other and there are still debates scheduled for Florida. Cortez Masto was going to be involved in three debates. One of them, actually, was even going to be in Spanish. And yet, as it turns out, all three debates had been canceled as it turns out in itself. So this race will be very close to call.

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