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Nevada Governor Hopefuls Wish For Teachers To Be Armed In Schools

You are currently viewing Nevada Governor Hopefuls Wish For Teachers To Be Armed In Schools
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With school shootings coming back to the forefront, it looks like Nevada’s gubernatorial candidates have something to say. These possible candidates for the next seat of governor of Nevada are pretty ecstatic to say a boatload of opinions. Some are even saying that “hey! Teachers should really have guns!” What a strange scenario to imagine! Educators loading up on bullets? That doesn’t quite make sense. This is only more and more concentrated when you see how mass shootings come about in various other areas, just like in Clark County and anywhere else.

Heck, Las Vegas had this happen year’s ago when that sniper attacked the crowd enjoying the country concert!

And that was strenuous enough.

Do you remember that? October 1st? 2017? Stephen Paddock let the bullets fly loose on a crowd in attendance of the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival. And after firing beyond 1,000 bullets, 60 people were killed in broad nightlight. It was essentially the deadliest mass shooting made by one person in all of the history in the United States. With 411 individuals living still but remembering the instance, shootings are definitely something to anticipate.

Especially in schools..

A 2018 Gallup poll has shown that about 3/4’s of teachers aren’t quite excited about gun training, however. And I would agree with their hesitance! That’s a nerve-wracking thing, to have professors packing heat. Sheriff Joe Lombardo, running for governor, has an opinion of his own on this matter. “I would support that with training, if and only when they received appropriate training. I would not mandate it. I would put it on a volunteer basis.” Lombardo has these comments coming in only two weeks after the 19 children and two adults had originally been attacked by one gunman at Robb Elementary in Uvalde.

So now, there’s more of a need than ever to approach the violence that could potentially disrupt the education and the memories of children on campus.

But not everyone thinks this is the way.

Current Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak believes that the idea is pretty insane. As one would when hailing the Democratic party. “Teachers are overwhelmingly against having guns in the classroom — which is not an effective solution to reduce violence — and turning our schools into prisons is not the right answer to keep our students safe. This is another out-of-touch proposal from a failed Sheriff who has spent more time campaigning than protecting Nevadans from rising crime rates.”

Whether you like guns or hate guns, the main takeaway is that children will have to be aware that this is a possible means of protection that teachers will implement, if they choose to. In fact, children as young as Kindergarten are likely going to have to learn about the importance of safety, whether they themselves have seen violence or not. Otherwise, will a gun just be another toy to them?

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