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Nevada Gas Prices Stabilize After Gas Pipeline Leak

You are currently viewing Nevada Gas Prices Stabilize After Gas Pipeline Leak
Don't fear the pump, Nevada!
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A gas pipeline leak at the beginning of the month caused worry among many Nevada officials. The news caused Las Vegas drivers to line up for gas on Friday, February 10th, fearing a tightening supply. It also caused Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo to declare a state of emergency for the state. However, a few weeks later, Nevada gas prices are stable, assuaging fears that many Nevadans surely had.

Workers noticed a gas pipeline leak in Long Beach.

The first reports of the pipeline spill came on February 10th. Workers at Long Beach’s Watson Station noticed a leak in the Kinder Morgan gas pipeline. They reported that there was no fire, injury, or any other damage associated with the leak. However, oil workers know that even a small leak in a gas pipeline can have serious consequences.

As a result of the leak, Kinder Morgan officials shut down the pipeline. This caused a wave of panic buying across southern Nevada. This particular pipeline supplies around 90% of all the gas and oil to Las Vegas and the surrounding area. Residents of the region feared a serious tightening of the gas supply, which would have meant a spike in prices.

Governor Joe Lombardo recognized the seriousness of the situation. The same day the news broke, the governor declared a state of emergency so the state could access federal help. It also allowed the state to bypass trucking restrictions and other federal measures to help keep the supply of gas flowing.

Two weeks later, Nevada gas prices are doing well.

Thanks to the measures that the governor took to expedite the shipping of more gasoline, gas prices in the Battle Born State are mostly in line with the rest of the country. Across the U.S., the price of gas is decreasing due to cheap oil and high interest rates. On top of that, the cold snap that has blanketed much of the country in snow has kept many indoors. Las Vegas is lucky that it avoided what could have been a serious spike in the price of fuel. As it stands, the pipeline is back online, and there is no shortage of fuel in Nevada.

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