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Lyft Gives You A Ride Faster and Further In A Frankfurter

You are currently viewing Lyft Gives You A Ride Faster and Further In A Frankfurter
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Until August 27th, you may just get lucky enough to see a Hot Dog pick you up like a leftover sludge of ketchup. In select major cities, the Lyft ride-share app will allow you to get a Lyft XL in one of those Oscar Mayer Wienermobiles. It’s exactly what it sounds like. A hot-dog-shaped vehicle is picking people up in some sort of cross-promotion between Lyft and Oscar Mayer.

The ride is no joke as the option is verily an option to make a huge deal out of the tubed meat. What you may notice about the Wienermobile is that for one, it’s about 27-feet long. It rides on a truck chassis. It also comes with the classic Lyft signage is adorned on top. Though one should understand that this isn’t Oscar Mayer’s first attempt at driving home a huge deal with a hot-dog reference as a ride-share. Keep your eye out on Las Vegas roads for the Wienermobile!

The Wienermobile has been long rolling along since 1936, and has since expanded to a WienerRover, A WienerCycle, a WienerMini, and the WienerDrone as of recent. Yes, can you imagine how cool it would be to control a hot dog in the sky?

Lyft themselves have been always in the public eye as a company that only answers second to Uber, another competitive rideshare company. Lately, the company has been under pressure, between lawsuits and higher prices. Not to mention the pandemic has caused many to turn on the company. The way Lyft has been having to deal with their controversy isn’t quite fair. But they deal with it as best as they can.

Many Lyft workers had decidedly been reclassified as independent contractors.

And you would almost assume that they’d be cool with that. But then it limits work hours and overtime benefits. So they have been affected heavily since.

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