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Local Woman Hopes Afghans Escape From Taliban Takeover

You are currently viewing Local Woman Hopes Afghans Escape From Taliban Takeover
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A local Las Vegas woman is in total despair as she hears about more and more refugees fleeing the Taliban. In such a process, she is just feeling a strong conviction to help refugees come over to safety. The local woman goes by Sharifa Wahab. She wants to help the refugees out with a shelter with food to include. Wahab is willing to open her home to Afghans that need to be harbored in more secure areas than Afghanistan.

Sharifa herself says that the people calling her every night is in dire need of assistance from the government. “I’m just asking the government when they bring our refugees here they have to contact us,” Wahab says. “They send me their cases, their name, and their certificate,” All these certificates arrive in an effort to apply to fly into the United States.

From there, the local woman is sending the information provided to her to Nevada lawmakers.

The Local Woman can sympathize with the women that are especially desperate for any help they can get. “The women right now the people want to get out because of they – especially they have a daughter.” Wahab goes on to say that the Taliban will not hesitate to take any daughters from mothers.

Unfortunately, out of the UNLV Immigration Clinic, there are only a few ways that Afghans are able to enter. Some of the ways that lead to legal permanent residence include Special Immigrant Visas. There happens to also be a refugee status that people may apply for.

In which case when “the refugees happen to be any individual that gets displaced from their home, in connection to being of a protected category like race, political opinion or religion.”

It may be all for naught, however, if the individuals are incapable of reaching the airport and passing the Taliban security forces.

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