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Lexus GX Comes Through With A Brand-New Display

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Lexus GX happens to be a sizable 4×4 SUV. And up until recently, it had pretty poor fuel economy, there was enough of an infotainment system to be setup for a refurbishment. And with the properties that you see in the 2022 GX, lies a brand-new 10.3-inch infotainment center. Lexus sure is trying to do away with their gear of olde, with the Enform system done away with. Wonderfully enough, the GX still lives on strong with a CD player. Additionally, fresh touches involve blacked-out wheels, grilles and roof rails. When you look at the other features, you can’t be nonimpressed. The GX has some of the most comprehensive features to ever abound in a GX model.

Additionally, the GX is one of the remaining models that uses a V-8 engine underneath the hood, allows for huge improvements to be seen in 2022. The vehicle is looking at a possible price kit of $54,950. Which is really quite fantastic and scary all at once. You’d almost assume for newer technology to be inescapable thanks to the advancements made by the Lexus’ bretheren. But as it turns out, the GX is still a reliable go-to for the SUV enthusiast on a budget. This, of course, going without a sacrifice of character that allows for a markup of the price, considering the sum being close to whatever Lexus has seen the competitors offer up.

Lexus certainly knows what hey’re offering with this package. If it is a desirable vehicle, then would you feel so compelled to maintain it or hope there’s integrity? Enough that will make you want to come back, time-after-time? Just to see what other updates lie in-store.

These are all variables that are important to consider in the grander scheme of driving. And that warrants curiosity. Keep on rolling, Lexus.

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