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Karma GS-6 PHEV Happens To Be A Plug-In To Go All-In For

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Have you ever seen a plug-in electric vehicle / hybrid that could ever move so fast like Karma’s? If I had, I wouldn’t really be writing about the Karma in question, here, now would I? The pint here is to illustrate how wonderful this car is to the human eye. If you haven’t really thought about it before, well think about it now. Fisker was about to enter big-time bankruptcy. And yet, after a bunch of ups and downs, Fisker found themselves making their own vehicles. Meanwhile, the Karma has been recreated from it’s once dismal 2,500-car production run.

Usually, what we would find is a since of loss as in this case 320 Karmas had been destroyed from Hurricane Sandy way back in 2012. The battery supplier A123 had not the ability to deliver of the batteries only after recalls. But now we have a model we can happily look forward to realizing how awesome the company once was.

Karma has also added a 45kW CCS combo DC fast charging port and says you’ll get to 90% charge in 35 minutes. Sadly the level 2 J-1772 plug maxes out at 6.6-kW which will require about 4+ hours to fill the 28kWh battery.

Inside the Karma GS-6

Within the Karma GS-6 is an amazing setup with the gear, though, the glass accents themselves had to be swapped out. There was a CarPlay center stack. There were also cool visualizations that could show off some incredible kilowatt usage history. Not to mention a 360-degree visualization.

In the tight spacing, there still remains not enough room for small adults. Well known as luxurious and compact seating. You almost wonder why is it that the Karma GS-6 is even that cramped. But to say that we didn’t deserve to make life more minimalist is ridiculous because Life is all about maximizing your assets. Does Karma get that? I would hope that they do!

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