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Hyundai Unveils New Generation of EV Concept Cars

You are currently viewing Hyundai Unveils New Generation of EV Concept Cars
Hyundai is showing off two new EV concept cars in the N Vision 74 and the electric RN22e.
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Hyundai has been in the concept car game for some time now. And while efficient electric vehicles have come and gone in their line-up, one certain aspect of the company is how they’ve been dead set on selling sleeker, faster, more powerful electric vehicles. After all, it’s the wave of the future. Everyone needs one. The government is making it mandatory by 2030. You need to get your hands on an EV. The whole point of making that happen is to ensure that Hyundai’s customers stay in the game with the company. This type of thing is especially important with the N Vision 74 and the RN22e.

Let’s first talk about the Hyundai RN22e Concept Car.

This stock-car like racer comes with a 77.4 kilowatt-hours battery pack, which can produce about 577 horsepower at a rate of 546 pound-feet of torque. Of course, the RN22e shares it’s combustion with Kia, which also utilizes a rear motor and a dual-stage inverter with silicon carbide semiconductors. Additionally, the hardware difference for the Hyundai happens to be a twin-clutch rear differential which can produce upwards of 100% of the rear motor’s output. It can literally go either way. The Hyundai RN22e sounds exceedingly interesting in itself, so far.

Additionally, keen grease monkeys will note how the RN22e keeps a stable dashboard architecture for both the Ioniq 5 and the Ioniq 6. This comes with climate controls, utilizing peaceful cool colored backlighting as well as twin digital display screens to really light up the night. What’s more is that the interior is totally stripped out, as well as the carpets, with a huge-enough roll cage and tight bucket seats to fit on neatly. With the motorsport rim, it would replace the airbag-equipped steering wheel while also coming with, amazingly enough a rotary stalk where you can select “drive” and “reverse.”

Now, Let’s Regard The N Vision 74.

If the RN22e is Hyundai’s Poseidon, their Zeus is the N Vision 74. With a two-seater interior, a rear-wheel-drive and 671 ponies to power up the hydrogen fuel-cell slash electric hybrid sports car, you cannot go wrong with perfection.

The N-car powertrain is reminiscent of Hyundai’s history, as 1974 recalls the year Giorgetto Giugiaro drew up the Hyundai pony as an entry-level four-door liftback, only for the vehicle to get back into production in 1975. Whereas the Hyundai Pony Concept Coupe had been a bold two-door thing of the past. But regard the architecture of the N Vision 74 seriously and what you might find may entice you towarfd discovering more. With 195 inches of length, 52.4 inches of height and 78.5 inches of width, to call the Hyundai N Vision 74 “beastly” is a gross understatement of it’s true power.

Consider that the max combo of the 671 hp and 664 lb-ft. of torque, and you have a real unstoppable vehicle that won’t hesitate to approach 60 miles per hour in only four seconds. What’s more, the car could potentially roll out with a whopping 600 kilometers according to WLTP standards. (Totalling out to about 315 miles here with the States’ EPA.) The most exciting thing is how the 85-kw hydrogen fuel cell can produce electricity on demand. The fuel cell will be able to recharge the battery while extending range and providing overboost as the demand heightens.

Whatever your expectation for Hyundai may be, dream big. Because you’ll sure be impressed when they dream bigger. And if you wind up interested enough to buy one of these cars, make sure you ship it right to your door with our car shipping team!

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