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GM and Honda Hit The Brakes On Affordable Electric SUVs

You are currently viewing GM and Honda Hit The Brakes On Affordable Electric SUVs
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Honda is deciding not to move forward with their bond with General Motors, given the opportunity that they can make affordable compact SUVs. Honda has entirely mentioned the business environment as the sole entity to blame for the two auto juggernauts to not really. As the joint plan got canned, Honda believes the two companies.

But how did this happen?

In April of last year, General Motors and Honda had promised to take only four calendar years to develop brand new electric vehicles. I would come across as a peace treaty by both of the auto makers in order to promote a healthy your future without gas.

Until Honda had to pull the plug.

Any old Honda spokes person would’ve said that is just a sign of the times, given how expensive it would’ve been to make the collaboration, but if you ask me, and let’s just say, this is the same reason that they won’t make the Beatles movie in CGI: Because there are plenty of creative differences going nowhere, man.

General Motors was a little more candid, referencing in multiple reports how they’d likely be better off to meet their earnings quota, had the United Auto Workers strike not occurred earlier this year.

To hit their goal of $14 Billion would have been amazing. But all GM was getting out of the partnership with Honda was giving someone the permission to use their new GM all damn battery was in a different brand’s housing.

Ultimately, the culmination of either company’s goals will show up by 2027, as it still does appear to seem plausible.
That’s really for the best, as Honda and General Motors should be working to develop all of their own vehicles, batteries and all. The last thing we need from people driving crossovers, is to hope that more car brands are doing a crossover! Do you know how much less exciting it is for the entertainment industry? At this point, everything is virtually owned by the three big companies rather than the original to be considered as a smorgasbord of monopolies? It’s sad given that the little guy has to be bought out in order to make even their own profit back. Likewise, I would rather not see that happen when we already only have three choices to make when buying a car: you can get a Ford, you can get a GMC, or you can go to Chrysler (or any brand under the Chrysler family name.)

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