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Economy Recovery Tour Continues to Expand and Diversify the Workforce

You are currently viewing Economy Recovery Tour Continues to Expand and Diversify the Workforce
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The economy recovery tour by Governor Steve Sisolak is the ‘Jobs + Workers Week’ Tour in the Western Region of the U.S. It’s an effort to grow the profits of the state.

Economy Recovery Tour Stop at the Sephora Distribution Center

Plus there is an effort to create more that will broaden the workforce. In fact, the governor’s tour of the local Sephora distribution center is on the cusp of expanding to bring more jobs to the area. It houses more than 300 employees with more than 500 that are expecting for the holidays.

Jobs That don’t Rely on Tourism

Exactly what Nevada’s economy needs are jobs that are outside of the entertainment and the hospitality sector. Both industries don’t rely on tourism to survive. In fact, this is according to Governor Sisolak.

“Moreover, this job which is here is not impacting by the obvious economics of the remainder of the country. Therefore, I am sure people are going to shop a bit less. However, they will still shop for their haircare, healthcare, and beauty products,” Governor Sisolak said.

Economic Recovery Tour – Financial Focus

Moreover, the governor is, in fact, talking about diversification. Moreover, Nevada’s economic focus is to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic stronger.

“Paying upwards of 17 dollars an hour, the wages are good to everyone working here. So, in fact, these are good quality jobs,” Governor Sisolak said.

And inside the two and half year old, 714,000 square foot distribution center is where Sephora plans to grow by the numbers in years to come with their People with Disabilities (PWD) hiring initiative.

“With a variety of disabilities, we are hiring individuals. These include learning, intellectual, physical disabilities, etc. As of right now, we have 38 full-time individuals in this facility. It can go up by an additional five in the next few weeks as we convert another class of graduates,” said Tucker Morgan. Morgan is the general manager for Sephora West Coast distribution.

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