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Democrat Sabra Smith Newby Appointed to Nevada Assembly

You are currently viewing Democrat Sabra Smith Newby Appointed to Nevada Assembly
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Local Democrat Sabra Smith Newby was admitted to Assembly 10 of the Clark County commission just this past Tuesday for the State of Nevada. This shift in power comes as no shock as Sabra Smith Newby has long been decided to replace state senator Rochelle Nguyen who has just recently left her assembly district 10 seat, after a long and enjoyable tenure.

As she approached the commission about their unanimous vote, Sabra Smith Newby couldn’t help but contain her very thrill and jubilant nature regarding her appointment to the assembly 10 of the Clark County commission. She vowed to them that she would never leave behind the memories and less than she’s learned running in local governmental positions.

Before being appointed, Sabra Smith Newby had been running the community fairs as vice president of government at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. She had previously done time as Reno’s premier city manager as well as an assistant county manager and even the chief administrative officer for Clark county.

But this type of job is going to ask something completely different of Sabra Smith Newby. This type of job will be the indication of whether or not she can expand beyond her horizons and her Gubernational career. If it’s not for this job, Sabra Smith Newby would probably be most well-known for raising a well to do family. But in this job, Sabra Smith Newby will be part of the assembly and even the Senate from Clark County. In order to do that, the appointee must to be from the same political party as was the former occupant of the seat. That’s most of what the commissions do after all. Just appoint people. Anyhow the 2023 session for Nevada’s local governmental operations begins on February 6 in Carson City.

But how did this happen…?

Back in the holiday season of 2022 Sabra Smith Newby seat had become open for when Nguyen had been tapped to replace the former Senator Chris Brooks in senate district 3. This is a big deal because the past senator had already been looking for a replacement saying how she took a job at a renewable energy company.

Smith Newby had a been a graduate from Wellesley College with a BA and political science and economics. With her appointment underway, Smith Newby can arrive into office in spite of a currently disputable lawsuit which claims public workers are ineligible to serving legislature based on the state constitution’s separation of power doctrine.

However, there was a Clark County District Court judge who had something else to say about the matter. This month he ruled that certain public employees are able and need to serve in the legislature notwithstanding the constitutional language. The plaintiff even had to appeal the ruling in the name of the think tank of the Nevada Policy Research Institute.

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