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COVID-19 Weighs Heavy On Sin City With A Spike Through The Weeks

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When you’ve spent as long as an American tourist has, not being able to enjoy the bigger joys of going from city to city, the time that is left can feel unbearable. It’s no different for how the Corona Virus pandemic has hit Nevada. And it’s biggest cash cow, Las Vegas, has often been a problem. The virus has been undeniably difficult on everybody and anybody that was in town. Now that things are opening back up, it’s very obvious that life has to be re-evaluated properly. In which case, there’s the problem of having to combat COVID-19 in this strange new world.

Of course, Las Vegas Has Always Been Happening.

The areas of Nevada that have proven to hold so much life, in instances like Spring Break and the NFL Draft has had to re-adjust their rules. Of course, the Arts district still has some concerns about the corona virus. Some locals are relaxed while taking precautions while others don’t seem to be so worried. Individuals around Vegas believe that after two years of masks, lockdowns and isolation, normalcy would be the jackpot that plenty of people would look forward to in the area.

Many wish to get back to living their social lives. And sure they are doing that, but the latest variant of Omicron is giving reason to worry about what’s likely to come across in the future, as calm as it may seem. The discovery of stealth COVID sub-variants are further most dangerous.

Dr. Edwin Oh, UNLV’s head of the Las Vegas wastewater virus monitoring program, says that “Any new variant that emerges in this country, on either coast, will eventually circulate across the country and we have to be prepared if and when that happens.”

How Has The Corona Virus Been Affecting Clark County In Recent Times In Case Numbers?

In Clark County, the numbers for COVID-19 has continuously risen. As of April 18th, 98 new cases have been confirmed for every day. This is even more than the 91 from last week. On a statewide level, the average has been hitting about 119 cases. While COVID-19 hospitalization has continued to decline, with about 104 patients on a statewide level, there have only been about 17 in intensive care. While COVID-19 vaccinations are now available for free, about 57.13% of all people in Nevada have actually taken the vaccinations. What’s more, is that stats are showing 67.93% of the population have actually started vaccination.

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