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Construction Takes Over Vegas: 5 Traffic Hot Spots to Avoid

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Las Vegas streets are about to be filled with partiers and cars.
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Las Vegas may be known as a lively city full of scandal, intrigue, gambling, drinking, and so much more. However, it is increasingly becoming a place packed full of construction, and in turn, traffic. The Nevada Department of Transportation continues their work on roadways around the Las Vegas valley, resulting in some of the worst traffic the area has ever seen. While everywhere is being affected by the construction traffic, there are five hot spots that seem to have  the worst of it.

  1. Interstate 515 from Tropicana Ave to Russell Rd

If you drive from Las Vegas south to Henderson, you are already all too familiar with this traffic. Construction began in this area in mid-March, causing closures of the inner lanes for both the northbound and southbound directions. Buckle up for the long haul with this one, the project, consisting of road resurfacing, new signage installation, and lighting and drainage improvements, is expected to persist on and off through to the summer of 2024.

  1. Interstate 15 from Sunset Rd to Spring Mountain Rd

Construction has also been interrupting the Harmon Avenue bridge, with the lane count decreasing for both northbound and southbound directions. This portion of the I-15 construction is expected to wrap up in the fall of this year, but the entire I-15 construction plan is not expected to finish until sometime in 2025.

  1. Eastern Ave from Serene Ave to Silverado Ranch Blvd

If you are familiar with Vegas Valley driving, then you are already familiar with the commonplace of construction on Eastern Avenue. In early April, a new construction project picked up on the avenue that cut the road into two lanes for each direction. This is scheduled to continue through mid-June.

  1. Rancho Dr and Charleston Blvd around the Las Vegas Medical District

We saw construction begin on Rancho Drive from Alta Drive to Oakley Boulevard in early March of 2023. This area is getting some much-needed T.L.C., with new pavement, wider sidewalks with trees, new signage, bike lanes, and more, all in the books. While the plan is going to put a metaphorical face lift on the area, it is expected to take 18 months to complete, so Las Vegas drivers can expect traffic to persist in this area for a while.

  1. Summerlin Pkwy from Buffalo Dr to 215 Beltway Interchange

From February 2023 through August 2023, we will see Summerlin Parkway undergo a number of construction projects. There are some lighting upgrades, barrier rail improvements, and road re-pavement plans on the horizon. We already dealt with some of the worst of this construction plan after experiencing a three-week round-the-clock closure of Summerlin Parkway bridge back in March and can anticipate more closures of some capacity through the summer.

2023 is the year of construction for Las Vegas Valley it seems. We can expect lots of road closures and other roadways being backed up because of it. We advise that you stay alert and plan your driving accordingly.

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