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Companies Transition Back to the Office with Unique Workspaces

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Companies need to adjust as white-collar workers have really gone back and forth with their plans to return to an in-person workday. This pertains to each passing wave of the pandemic.

Company Transition is Accentuated by Diversity

In 2020, some people did prophesize that a home desk or a kitchen table would be the future office space. However, many industry experts are saying the reality is really more diverse. Moreover, there are large companies that are more than likely to plan a return to the office. In fact, if they have not already done so in Las Vegas, Nevada. Then there are others that are looking to lease in new commercial builds across the valley.

Companies: People Want to Go Back to Work

Kellie Wanbaugh said she expected to see a huge drop-off in tenant improvements or the office space. Wanbaugh is the vice president of the interior at the Las Vegas-based architecture firm Ed Vance & Associates Architects. “While we have really seen some of our clients telling us that there has been hesitancy to return to the office for people that are actually working from home, they do also find that almost as many people are so desperately excited to go back into the office.”

Commercial real estate experts are saying the key is to now return to flexibility.

In fact, there are many office leaders who do intend to bring most or all of their staff back into the workplace really full-time. However, doing so many in fact take some enticement.

The research arm of the global architectural firm Gensler, Gensler Research Institute, has found that during the pandemic 45 percent of the workers did prefer full-time remote work. Also, an additional 36 percent did prefer some level of hybrid work. This was according to a fall 2021 survey of about 2,300 U.S. office workers.

Many Las Vegas companies, Cushman & Wakefield broker Dan Palmeri said many Las Vegas companies do intend to have their employees return to the office but they are really not sure how. The employers, specifically large companies, have said they do desire a traditional approach to cooperative work in a face-to-face setting.

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