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Casino Owner is Donating Site to Memorialize October 1st Shooting

You are currently viewing Casino Owner is Donating Site to Memorialize October 1st Shooting
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The casino company, which owns a former concert venue popular in the Nevada area, in 2017, became the fatal site of the deadliest mass shooting. It would be in modern American history. The owner has said Monday it is, in fact, donating part of the property for a permanent memorial. This tragedy leaves pain and scar on the soul and consciousness of all Americans. It has reverberated across all 50 states so sadly.

Casino Company Pays Tribute to Victims and Heroes

A facility commemorating “victims and heroes of 1 October,” MGM Resorts International said the creation is very vital. This to the ongoing continued community recovery. Thus it promises to keep working with a memorial panel on the design.

Public Asked to Submit Opinions about Memorial

However, the word of the donation comes as the committee is again asking for the public to submit opinions. This would be online through August 15. It is about how the memorial should look. Local county representatives want to know what the public feels and it’s important to include it in the permanent memorial.

Casino: Survey and Focus Groups

“In fact, the public input did receive through the first survey. Moreover, focus groups have, in fact, gone on to affect the evolution of this process every step of the way,” said Clark County Commission Vice Chairman Jim Gibson. The district includes the concert site.

An Outpouring of Responds in the Thousands

There were some 6,000 responses received during a two-week period in March. In fact, more than 65%, called it extremely or very important, to have the memorial at the site across the Las Vegas Boulevard from the Mandalay Bay resort.

Hail of Gunfire

In fact, fifty-eight people have died in a hail of gunfire. It sent 22,000 country music fans fleeing for their lives from the Route 91 Harvest Festival. Thus, more than 850 people from Las Vegas, Nevada, and another Western state, 13 other U.S. states, and Canada were, in fact, injured. Also, the deaths of at least two people later, in fact, were blamed on the gunshot wounds.

The lone gunman, Stephen Paddock, 64, killed himself before police reached him. They could not identify a clear motive, though local and federal investigators concluded he had meticulously planned the attack and appeared to seek notoriety.

The concert site has remained idle since the massacre.

The MGM Resorts said 2 acres (0.8 hectares) of the 15-acre (6.1 hectare) concert site are, in fact, going to be provided for the memorial next to the Shrine of the Most Holy Redeemer, a Roman Catholic church that became a refuge for victims.

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