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Viva Las Vegas Car Transport! With over twelve years of experience in the business, we’re the most trusted auto shipping company in the Southern Nevada area! Our experienced drivers will deliver your vehicle(s) anywhere in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii! Whether you’re looking for open-car transport, enclosed car transport or any of our other options, our live agents will be with you every step of the way to answer any questions you have. We’re happy to help, so don’t roll the dice with anyone else. Give us a call or submit an online request for the ultimate jackpot! A FREE Price Quote on your shipping order. We guarantee you’ll hit the jackpot by sending your vehicle to a new home with our competitive prices. Are you feeling lucky?


Since 2006, our family business has been operating with one goal in mind: provide excellent service at unbeatable prices. We have since grown to partner with professionals in the industry, and ship vehicles of all kinds throughout this marvelous nation. So bringing our A-game to Las Vegas is like a walk in the park for us. We’ve seen every success story and bounced-back from every complication, with no sweat and no worries. Just ask and we shall deliver.


This company was made by truckers for trucking cargo efficiently. From our truck drivers to our call-center, to our management and web developers, everyone at Las Vegas Car Transport operates under a high-caliber of understanding in order to make shipment satisfactory. That’s because we’re receptive, honest and don’t take “kind-ofs” for an answer. We know everything you need answers to when it comes to shipping your vehicle safely. Test us and see.


No other auto transportation or car shipping company works harder to have your needs met than we do. In any sort of unexpected situation, we’ve always got a backup plan. It’s all thanks to being prepared at a moment’s notice to address the needs of our customers, for the good of their cars. Maybe other companies have an idea of what to do to make a wrong turn right, but our team knows how to make a point of having you come back, and trust our instincts to fulfill. Just you watch as our trusted staff makes any scenario into an opportunity to show our finest work!


We live to satisfy. That’s what working for the people is all about. Which is why we invite you to tell all your friends, leave us a review and ask us any questions about the end results of our labor. Like your auto, you deserve tender attention, appreciation and handling all throughout this experience. And we certainly would love to ship more vehicles for you again in the future. So don’t be shy. We’ll be happy to receive your feedback and apply any worthwhile suggestions into our culture. By doing this, your voice invigorates our excitement to exceed expectations.



Dealer Auto Transport   Dealer Auto Transport

When you’re looking to exchange cars between your car dealership and another, no service is better than our dealer auto transport. We make the swap quick and easy so that you can operate as usual while keeping your customers interested. This is a guaranteed win for the both of us. Because when your business is our business, nothing is more important than securing the sale of new or used vehicles to plenty of happy car-owners. As always, we’re able to deliver your new inventory with discretion.

  Corporate Relocation

When shifting operations from one location to another, it’s important to have everything accounted for. This includes the company car. If you need to bring it along for the ride, then you’ll save the most money calling on us to do the job. We can carry any size and any type of vehicle you throw at us. Whether they’re cars, vans, buses or even boats, no job is too big or unusual for us to handle. Relocate with ease and you’ll see how we beat the competition with deals you simply can’t resist.

  Auction Auto Transport

“Going once, twice, sold to the lucky gentleman!” There’s more than just casino games you can win in Las Vegas. Should you get so lucky as to win a car at one of their iconic car auctions, you can rest assured, knowing that our team will do everything we can to keep the good times rolling with our auction auto transport. So that even if it’s days after, your latest art piece can join your home collection looking as spotless as the day you outbid everyone else with that winning smile.

  Military Personnel

There’s no gamble about it: we love our troops! That’s why we offer specially-made shipping for every branch of the military, no matter how huge the cargo is. Whenever you need to, we’ll ship your heavy-duty artillery to wherever you need to, towards any base in the USA. It’s the least we can do to thank you for protecting our country. Plus, we can only imagine how nice it’d be to take a break and let us handle the overweight hauling. Tanks, helicopters, Humvees; you name it, we’ll take it.

  Government Employees

If you’re dealing with circumstances of national security, your best bet is to roll with our secret service. While we don’t actually offer a full assembly of bodyguards, our auto shipping is reliable enough for the Presidential seal of honor. We ship your vehicles discreetly and with urgency, so that any big decisions you need to make at an assembly can be done so with ease, tranquility and trust in our all-American approach. Choose us and you’ll find an affordable price range for your vehicles.

Full Load   Full Load

Let’s say you’re moving a whole bunch of sedans, vans, and SUVs. If you’ve got more than one automobile on your hands, chances are, we’re the best folks to bring the family together. We love handling full loads because it makes it easier for us to pick up and unload all the vehicles in central locations that save our drivers the cost and the hours of having to drive too far, too much. This is also ideal for car shows and dealerships. We’ll be able to work with however many vehicles in a timely manner.
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